Important Skills for Retail Insurance Jobs

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Anyone who works in insurance jobs needs excellent communication skills. Not only should you be able to articulate yourself well with others in your team and members of the public, you should also have the ability to listen. The latter is equally as important as the former.
A good standard of literacy is essential in most jobs these days. When you are working in insurance jobs, you will need to be able to both write manually and type on a computer. Your spelling and grammar will need to be up to scratch as well in order to make sure the information you log is accurate.
Information and Communication Technology
Like in most industries today, a large amount of the work that you’ll do will involve the use of computers. Being able to input and access data is essential. You will also need to keep up with the latest technology and software that your company is currently using. This should be an important part of your continuous professional development.
Whether you are working in claims or underwriting, you are likely to need a reasonable standard of numeracy to be effective in your role. Despite having a computer at your disposal, being able to calculate figures is still a necessary part of working in the insurance industry.
Customer Service Skills
An important part of working in insurance jobs is dealing with members of the public. On many occasions, you will be their first point of contact with the company you are working for. As a representative of that company, you can make a significant difference to dispute outcomes and how your clients perceive the insurance company you are working for.
Although there will be many occasions when you are working alone and you will need to work using your own initiative, you will ultimately be a part of a larger team. You may have to attend team meetings or training sessions and you will often have to pass on important information to colleagues and senior members of the team. Therefore, the ability to work well with others is essential.
To be successful in retail insurance jobs, you will need to demonstrate each of these on a regular basis. There are many other skills that will help you to be successful in your role, but these are the key attributes that will most likely contribute to your success in the job. Possessing a wide range of skills can also help you to progress in your career, essential if you are ambitious and want to get ahead.


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