Insurance Jobs in Leeds

insurance jobs in leeds

If you are looking to embark on a career change or maybe you already work in the insurance industry but are looking at relocating, you can’t go far wrong by looking for insurance jobs in Leeds.

Leeds’ Growing Economy

Leeds itself is ranked as a gamma world city, and is considered a cultural and financial heart of the West Yorkshire urban area. It has become somewhat a hub for young professionals graduating from one of three Universities in the city, making it the fourth largest student population in the UK.

After London, Leeds has what is recognised as the largest legal centre in the UK, with it’s financial and insurance industries worth over £2 billion, the 5th largest in the country.

Leeds Insurance Jobs

Leeds is a fantastic location for any young professional looking to relocate and expand their career. With such  focus on the insurance industry in the city Leeds provides countless opportunities for growth within the sector. With job roles ranging from Underwriting and claims jobs, to account management roles. Check out our available insurance jobs in Leeds today and find out what this great city can offer you.